Marcos Maidana Defeats Adrien Broner in slugfest

In what will go down as one of boxing’s best brawls in 2013, Marcos Maidana defeated Adrien Broner by unanimous decision to claim the WBA Welterweight Title. Maidana dropped Broner in the second and eighth rounds on his way to a wide decision victory by scores of 115-110, 117-109 and 116-109.

Maidana came out and pressured Broner from the start of the fight, throwing 67 power punches in the first round compared to just seven power punches thrown for Broner. In the second, Maidana caught “The Problem” with a looping left hook that sent Broner to the canvas for the first time in 121 rounds boxed. After two rounds, Maidana had thrown 171 punches compared to Broner’s 29.

Broner rebounded and won some rounds during the middle of the fight, settling in and pacing the fight the way he wanted to. Then, in the eighth round, Broner was dropped again by another left hook from Maidana. The Argentinian set up his shots to the head of Broner by working the former champion’s body with hooks and jabs.

It was a rough battle for all 12 rounds, with a lot of dirty boxing happening on the inside. Maidana lost a point in the eighth for a headbutt when he got frustrated because Broner was holding his arms. Broner was warmed multiple times for pushing but a point was never taken away.

Maidana was never seriously hurt, he staggered Broner several times and threw twice as many punches as “The Problem.” When the dust settled, Maidana landed 269/964 and Broner landed 149/400 total punches.

Maidana improves his boxing record to 35-3 and Broner suffers his first professional defeat in 28 career fights.


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